I’m a communications professional and researcher in Singapore. This website contains a selection of my written work.

As a journalist, I have published stories in TODAY, The Straits Times, Reuters, Eco-Business and IPP Review. My articles deal a wide range of issues in Singapore and the region. I have written extensively on environmental issues, labor policy, domestic and international politics, and new technological developments in the media industry. Besides covering my home country Singapore, I have also produced visual and written stories in Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, and the United States.

As a researcher, I have also written policy-oriented reports for the Singapore government at the East Asian Institute (EAI), a think-tank within the National University of Singapore. My research areas cover China’s domestic politics, Belt and Road Initiative, and technological developments in the Chinese market. I have also translated Chinese government white papers, annual reports, speeches, and commentaries into English.

This website focuses on a selected collection of written and visual work in the media industry. My academic work at EAI can be found in the libraries of NUS.